The smarter way to repay

Pay off liabilities
on your terms

Using multiple sources such as credit data and banks, Lever securely collects all available debt repayment information, simplifies it, and put's it into one easy-to-use app.

No lenders. No refinancing.
Just simple, successful debt repayment plans.

One app to repay your

Credit cards

Analyze all credit card balances, terms, and interest rates for the smartest repayment plan.

Student loans

Search 100's of Department of Education programs to find the best repayment solution for your loans.


From auto loans to student loans, find, organize, and create
a personalized plan for faster repayment.

Smarter Payments

Overpaying your loans is a thing of the past. Build the best repayment plan to fit your lifestyle.

With Lever you can:

View all liabilities in one place.
Lever calculates the monthly payment for all your liabilities and sends reminders when payments are due.
no more guessing

Choose a plan that fits your life

Life is unpredictable, your finances don't have to be. Choose a plan that works for you. If something changes, we provide the flexibility to pause, switch, and enroll into whatever plan makes the most sense for your needs.
flexible plans

Repay on your terms, not theirs

You decide your payment amount and frequency. We’ll provide the best and most successful liability repayment options so that you can make the smartest decision for you, not them.
debt free

Consumers don’t have an easy and centralized platform to consolidate all their liabilities and pay them off!

A debt-free future awaits. Download Lever today!