One Platform To Conquer Your Debt

Lever is an app to help you conquer debt for you and your family. Our goal is take the pressure off people like you that are feeling financial stress or hardship.

Debt Negotiation

Did you know that you can negotiate your debt? Lever is Australia’s debt management app to help you settle bills on your terms. Start chatting with your providers and pay back on your terms.

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Negotiate Personal Debt

Credit Card debt
Parking tickets
Phone bills
Tax debt

Negotiate Family Debt

Household loans
Energy, gas & water bills
Family dental bills
Contents insurance bills

Negotiate Life Debt

Medical bills
Car Insurance bills
Life Insurance bills
Student loans (coming soon!)

Payment Holidays

Get immediate relief and take a break from your debt. Our payment holiday’s are designed to give you the much-needed breathing space you and your family needs.

Take a Break From Debt

Dispute Bills

Don’t put up with bills you shouldn’t pay for. If you’ve got a questionable bill that you didn’t see coming, you can use Lever to dispute and negotiate the bill.

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Create a Payment Plan

It can be stressful to be left with nothing after paying off debt. Create payment plans on your terms. Leaving you more than enough, instead of just the scraps.

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Stop Pesky Collection Calls

Do you enjoy that feeling of being chased down and hunted for outstanding debt? Didn’t think so. We’ll help you stop those pesky collection calls to give you a clearer headspace. Try it free now.

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